The Cliched Car Crash

So these past couple of weeks have been incredibly rough, culminating in the horribleness of this past Wednesday. The first awful thing to happen to me was while I was trying to finish grad school, my laptop’s hard drive crashed. I was able to recover my documents after paying $145 for the work and a external hard drive…then took it to Apple where they said it would cost a minimum of $750 to repair because of water damage. I didn’t even know there was water damage… that alone was rough, but it complicated my school work and my bank account because I ended up purchasing a new laptop. I had to take an Incomplete in one of my classes because I had two major papers left and I only managed to finish one. I was mentally so exhausted and just DONE. However, they are both now done and turned in, so that’s a relief. Then, this Wednesday, on what seemed a beautiful, windy day, someone rear ended my car… I had seen one of my students walking and pulled over to the side of the road so that she could catch up to me and get in the car… however I car came and wasn’t paying attention and just totally knocked in to me… Safe to say I didn’t make it to work that day… Things didn’t get much better as my students were told our class would be closing and I would be moving to teach the night ESL class. Yes, my students were the ones to tell me this because none of my supervisors or bosses bothered to let me in on this little fact..

As you can imagine, I am extremely frustrated by the past 2-3 weeks of my life…and if I wanted to depress you even more, I would say the whole past year has been filled with extremely trying events that have been beyond frustrating. My first thought  after the car crash was WHY. How could so many horrible things be happening to ME at the same time…

I don’t know the answer. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter…what does matter is how I deal with them. Honestly, one horrible thing, and I’m okay. I brush it off and deal with what may come. However, so many things at once, has been a little more difficult to brush off. I have been reduced to tears in the most embarrassing places… work, the gym, the grocery store, etc. But I am determined to persevere and keep fighting…

I was raised a Christian and my faith is still important to me. Though I feel I have not been very dedicated the past year. I was reading one of my favorite devotional books, called My Utmost for His Highest…it said that when we ignore or refuse God’s gentler nudges, God may allow a crisis to develop… now this is kind of a weird theory for some because they think that God is only supposed to allow good and loving things to happen. Yet, he does not always promise good, there must be some struggle and some pain in order to get to the beautiful part… so while I don’t know why these things are happening, I do know that I will keep fighting and picking myself up because there is a purpose, and one day I will get there. Stronger than ever.


do u ever feel like the Beyonce of Destiny’s Child in a group project